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The Natick High School Class of 1985 

Website Turns One

May 19, 2010

As many of you already know, The Natick High Class of 1985 Website was started as a result of the tragic loss of one of our class members, Stacey Keane Burns.  I was personally shocked, horrified, and truly saddened by hearing of this tragedy, and I always will be.  I immediately thought that Stacey deserved to have as much love and respect given to her memory as she provided for almost everyone she met in her life.  As we all know, Stacey was a truly kind, compassionate, and caring human being.  I know this to be a fact because so many of us have spoken of this same fact to one another.  It is a wonderful testament to her memory that so many people feel so much love and respect for her.  After discussing the formation of a website with some of her family members, and close friends, I launched "The Natick High Class of 1985 Website."  It was intended to reach classmates and others, through the world wide web, and to be able to assist them in providing the information regarding where memorial contributions can be sent in her memory, for her children. 

I am pleased to say that this primary goal has actually been successful.  People who did not hear of this tragedy and who are not connected to any social networking website, have actually sent emails to me saying they were told of the website, or found it from searching "google."   Some have also sent contributions to the Childrens Education Fund.  I want to personally thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the website through your kind words, contributing photographs, contributing thoughts and ideas, and most importantly for caring about our class.  We really are a great bunch of people..

My intention is to keep the photograph of Stacey on the "Homeroom" page to make sure that she is not forgotten.  It is taking a longer time than any of us want for the case to be solved.  I hope that by me keeping her picture on the page, we all will continue to keep hope and faith that this case will be solved and that some form of justice will be served for her and for her family and loved ones.  I will keep the picture on the page until that time, or if her family requests that I remove it from the page.  Too many horrible tragedies occur in this country every day, this tragedy has really had an impact on so many of us.

I attended Stacey's  wake and it was a very surreal and disturbing thing to witness, to see so many of my class members, many of whom I hadn't seen in 23+ years, so sad and crying all at once.  I truly hope that those of us who witnessed this, will never have to see this kind of scene ever again.  Having said all of this please know  that it became a priority of mine to let people in my life know how much they matter to me.  At the age of 43, I am forced to have to give in to the fact that life is short, we never know when our lives will end.   In my opinion we owe it to ourselves and to those around us to make the most of our lives while we have the opportunity to do so. It sounds kinda corny, but its true.  I hope you agree.

This website belongs to the entire "Class of 1985."  I am just the publisher.  I want to make it clear that any member of the Natick High Class of 1985, whether they are personal friends of mine or not, can feel free to submit their photographs, ideas, etc., as long as it is all "good natured content, it will be published."  The website has grown to be much more than a memorial website, or even a "class alumni" page, its has become for many who do not live in this area anymore, an actual portal to Natick past and current.  I think that it is a wonderful compliment to know that this website has brought some joy to people who are truly homesick for "the good ole days", and for "Natick."  It is also great to know that so many people are truly interested in the history of our town.  It makes it even more important to me to keep this website growing with pictures, and new  features.

In conclusion, I want to thank all the people who have worked with me, and are currently working with me on some projects  for the website,  Special thanks also to the people who have sent photographs to have published on the website.  Some aren't even members of the Natick High Class of 1985, but  they wanted to share their photos with everyone too.  This is an example of what makes the community spirit of NATICK constantly alive.  Finally, it is tough to celebrate this anniversary in a way that most would celebrate. I know all who read this will join me in saying that I truly hope that by this time next year, some justce will be served for Stacey.  

Most sincerely and respectfully,

David J. Jacobson


The Natick High Class of 1985 Website