Class of 1985  




Mr. Hennessy - English Teacher - Coolidge Jr. High School
Miss Tutuny - Social Studies - Coolidge Jr. High School

Ms. Caradonna - English Teacher - Coolidge Jr. High School

(From top, left to right) Lisa Shaw, Mark Doucette, Lisa Dalton, Tina Ilvonen, Jim Sims
December 22, 1977 5th Grade

Michael Jackson
W B C N - FM Boston
Farrah Fawcett
John Hughes
1950 - 2009
Margaret Hamilton
Senator Edward M. Kennedy
1932 - 2009
Suzy Clifford & 
Bruce Baker - 1975
Lincoln School 4th Grade
(photo courtesy:  Bonnie Fay Zonghi)
Alan Anderson, Chris Ciccarelli, Rick Edwards, & Mark Chisholm aboard the "BATTLEWAGON" 
(photo courtesy: Mark Chisholm)
Music Charts are taken from the June 6, 1985 issue of:
Susan Stainrod-Dawson & David Mortarelli
December 1982 - 10th Grade
Upper B-Wing  Spanish Class  Mr. Thomas
Ms. Long, Mr. Brannagan, & Dr. Cote Co-Class Advisor (late)
American icon BETTY GRABLE (1916-1973) shows her pride for Natick High School's "Class of '85"
Rex Trailer and 1971's "Cowboy of the Year",
Mark Chisholm.
(photo courtesy:  Mark Chisholm)
Miss Beksha's Second Grade
Johnson School
1974 - 1975
(photo courtesy:  Joe Leombruno)

From top, (left to right): Jerry Marsh, Steve Gusmini, Sean Miller, Jon Bowser, Terry Bilodeau, Vin Teso.  3rd Row:  Robyn Paul, Paul Ghilani, Lisa Hood, Dave Mortarelli, Joe Leombruno, Dave Fangel.  2nd Row:  David Pigeon, Mike Cushing, ??, Miss Beksha, Donna Morrill.  1st Row:  ??, John Kaskon, Chris Heaney, Natalie ?, Tom DiGiandomenico,
Chris Collins, Ruth Church, Chris Gassett.
Mr. Troy's 6th Grade Class 1978-1979
Memorial School
Bill Simcock, Karen Leavitt, Lisa MacGregor
Coolidge Jr. High School
8th Grade  1980-1981
Tina Ilvonen & Jon Bowser
3rd Grade Johnson School
1976 Bicentenial Field Trip
Lexington & Concord, MA
(photo courtesy:  Joel Crisafulli)
10th Grade Spanish Class - Mr. Thomas  December 1982
You are looking at Dave Mortarelli in the language lab after Mr.Thomas made him stand in the corner for some ridiculous reason.  What makes this more funny is that the person taking this photo, stood up to take the picture, Mr. Thomas freaked out and sent him to Dr. Laverne's office to explain himself.  HA! HA! HA!
8th Grade Reading - Mrs. Gustafson's Class
Coolidge Jr. High School 1981
(From top L to R) Mike Kepper, Bill Simcock,
Kathy Daley, Sharon McGrath, Chris Dupree,
Candi Pennett, Kathy Kelly, Chris Taddeo

Last day of classes in homeroom B662.
Dave Jacobson, Maria Higgins, Donny Hutchinson
(Photo taken by: Sandra Jaco) 
Chris Yarger & Kristine Wooley
Spring 1985
(photo courtesy:  Kristine Wooley Herold)
Graduation - June 9, 1985
Miss Tutuny poses with some of the guys from our class.
(photo courtesy:  Joel Crisafulli)
Mrs. Devane, Mr. Armata Co-Class Advisor (late), Miss Tutuny
Bill Petrone, Bob Anniballi, & Jeff Goldstein
Broken Down (car trouble) in CANADA.
(photo courtesy:  Bob Anniballi)
Susan Stainrod Dawson & Kristine Wooley Herold
"Friends for Life"
20th Class Reunion - Boston, Massachusetts
Denise Ringer (NHS Class of '85) & Kimberly Ringer Sims (NHS Class of '84)
"Sisters & Friends"
Worcester, Massachusetts - July 11, 2009
Bruce Baker is all smiles at his "Bruce Almighty" party
July 11, 2009
Worcester, Massachusetts
Brian Flaherty, Gary Byrne, David DiIulio, Stephen McDowell -2009 (Photo courtesy of Stephen McDowell)
Stephen McDowell, Mike "Satch" Sanders, 
Joe Pocher, & Dave Glorioso
at The Chicken Bone - Framingham, MA - June 2009 
(Photo courtesy: Stephen McDowell)
David Glorioso, Ginger Plachy Pocher, David Nole, Adrienne Volpe, Joe Pocher at the Chicken Bone - Framingham, MA.
June 2009. (Photo Courtesy:  Stephen McDowell)
Coach Bob Anniballi and Coach Bob Mei
Natick High School
June 12, 2009
Allison Knight Griffin (NHS Class of '85), Rebecca Ryan Cusick (NHS Class of '84), & Leslie Henrikus Fleming (NHS Class of '85)  Worcester, Massachusetts July 11. 2009
Bill Petrone and Shawn Daley
Bill's Sister's House
Framingham, Massachusetts
Summer 2009
(photo courtesy:  Bill Petrone)
Shawn Daley, Johnny Gastaldo, Bill Van Loan, 
Mike Argir, and Bill Petrone
The Aegean Restaurant
Framingham, Massachusetts
Summer 2009
(photo courtesy:  Bill Petrone)
Bill Petrone (at his favorite pizza place)
Natick Pizza Palace
Natick, Massachusetts
Summer 2009
(photo courtesy:  Bill Petrone)
Heather Malcom-Restifo, Tina Ilvonen, 
and Ginger Plachy-Pocher
Owen O'Leary's - Southboro, Massachusetts
August 9, 2009
Joe Pocher & John Bowser
Owen O'Leary's  Southboro, Massachusetts
August 9, 2009
Jon Sirois & Dave Nole
Owen O'Leary's  Southboro, Massachusetts
August 9, 2009
Jefferson, New Hampshire - The 26th Annual Weekend Trip
August 15, 2009
(photo courtesy:  Bob Anniballi)
From Top - (Left to Right)  Jeff Ronchetti, Joe Condlin
Second Row - Shawn Daley, Joe Leombruno, Mike Dempsey, Jack McCarthy, 
Eric Ramstrom, Bob Kelly, Mike Gately
Front Row - Steve Harvey, Bob Anniballi, Mike "Satch" Sanders
Suzanne Hauck, Eric Cox, & Tina Ilvonen
Northboro, Massachusetts
August 15, 2009
"Boomer" and best friend Mike Gately
Natick High School
August 27, 2009
"The McNamaras"
John McNamara (NHS '84) & Sue Stringham McNamara (NHS '85)
Owen O'Leary's  Southboro, Massachusetts
September 2, 2009
Allison Knight Griffin & Bruce Baker
Worcester, Massachusetts
September 7, 2009
Bonnie Fay Zonghi & Stacey Keane Burns
"Friendship is Eternal"
(Bonnie, thank you for sharing this photograph with all of us.)